CNN Special Report - Why Atheism is Newsworthy

CNN recently published a very nice, very long, article about The Friendly Atheists Next Door. It was nice in the sense that it showed a pleasant once-Catholic, now-atheist family in a positive light. It was long due to its detailed coverage of their journey through questioning, coming-out and finding acceptance. And it ties into a CNN Special Report titled Atheists: Inside the World of Non-Believers.

Can You Spot the Atheist? Snowstorm Edition

Can you spot the atheist in the snowstorm?
Who is the atheist? Who is the believer?

Test your powers of observation below:

Mindfulness Without Religion

Over the past several years, the concept of "mindfulness" has been gaining traction in the Western world. Mindfulness is often described as a form of meditation which is based on Buddhist spiritual teachings. Yet mindfulness can easily be practiced without religion.

Unknown vs. Supernatural

I do not believe in the supernatural. I do believe in the unknown. Some people might hear those words and think they are describing completely different things. Others might think I'm quibbling over semantics. But I think it's an important distinction.

Why Is It Socially Acceptable to Hate Atheists?

In the United States, maligning atheists is widely accepted. Studies have shown that many Americans consider atheists to be immoral and untrustworthy. This secularphobia seems to come down to the flawed, yet persistent, idea that "religion is good, non-religion is bad."

Satire, Tact and Provocative Thought

Three days ago, I had never heard of Charlie Hebdo. Two days ago, I learned about the terrorist attack that killed 12 people, and, ever since, my news feeds have been filled with articles about the push to end blasphemy laws, the controversy over media censorship, and instances of Muslim groups condemning the attack.