Do People Need Religious Labels?

The human mind has a knack for categorizing and labeling everything it encounters. When we meet new people, our brains begin slapping on labels based on physical appearance, before moving on to personality traits and life experiences. Delving into hobbies, politics and religion can be a shortcut for answering the evolving question of "just who is this other person?"

But what do our political and religious labels really say about us? And what does it say when your religious label is "none"?

What is Praying?

Sending love and prayers. Saying my prayers. Pray, tell. Praying for sun. I'll pray for you. Praying, in one form or another, is a common part of our society. It has many meanings, though the connotation is often religious. But what does praying really mean? Can atheists find any benefit in praying?

Book Review: 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God, by Guy P. Harrison

In 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God, Guy P. Harrison asks the basic question, "Why do you believe in a god?" As the title implies, the book discusses 50 reasons that people commonly give when asked this question. It is not limited to a specific religion, but rather looks at how the reasons for belief are often the same for many different religions.

Reviving Atheist Living

I haven't posted on this blog in just over two years. Where did I go? Why did I stop? There isn't one simple answer. Family and work were taking up more of my time. I was getting tired of the harassment and hate mail. I felt like my posts were becoming more about reacting to upsetting things in the news than reflecting on secular living and my thoughts on religion.

But I decided to start posting again. Here's why:

Why Todd Akin's apology is not enough

On Sunday, Senate candidate Todd Akin made headlines when he voiced his archaic and entirely non-scientific beliefs concerning rape and pregnancy. He has since made attempts to retract his statements amid pressure from his own party to leave the Senate race. Yet there is nothing he can say to excuse or apologize his comments, his underlying beliefs or the fresh harm he has caused rape survivors who suffer from PTSD as a result of their assault.

In the Wake of Tragedy

When I read the news yesterday morning, I was shocked and horrified by the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. My heart aches for the victims, their families and their friends, and I can't begin to imagine how James Holmes' parents are coming to terms with what their son has done.