Unknown vs. Supernatural

I do not believe in the supernatural. I do believe in the unknown. Some people might hear those words and think they are describing completely different things. Others might think I'm quibbling over semantics. But I think it's an important distinction.

Why Is It Socially Acceptable to Hate Atheists?

In the United States, maligning atheists is widely accepted. Studies have shown that many Americans consider atheists to be immoral and untrustworthy. This secularphobia seems to come down to the flawed, yet persistent, idea that "religion is good, non-religion is bad."

Satire, Tact and Provocative Thought

Three days ago, I had never heard of Charlie Hebdo. Two days ago, I learned about the terrorist attack that killed 12 people, and, ever since, my news feeds have been filled with articles about the push to end blasphemy laws, the controversy over media censorship, and instances of Muslim groups condemning the attack.

Thinking for Yourself in 2015

I don't like new year's resolutions. Every year, the ball drops and people tell themselves that this year, things will be different. This year they will lose weight, stop smoking, get a better job. And by January 23rd it will all be forgotten, mainly because people resolve to change behaviors instead of changing the way they think.

How Moral are the Ten Commandments?

In America, there is a seemingly never-ending debate over displaying the Ten Commandments at government-run buildings such as courthouses and public schools--despite the constitutional mandate for a separation of church and state. Every time these displays show up in the news, I find myself wondering why anyone considers the Ten Commandments a universal moral code.

Secular Christmas Songs: Extended List

One of the first posts on this site was a list of Secular Christmas Songs. These are songs that celebrate Christmas, Santa and the winter season without being religious. As the holidays are rapidly approaching, I think it's time for an expanded list--with mp3 clips!