How Moral are the Ten Commandments?

In America, there is a seemingly never-ending debate over displaying the Ten Commandments at government-run buildings such as courthouses and public schools--despite the constitutional mandate for a separation of church and state. Every time these displays show up in the news, I find myself wondering why anyone considers the Ten Commandments a universal moral code.

Secular Christmas Songs: Extended List

One of the first posts on this site was a list of Secular Christmas Songs. These are songs that celebrate Christmas, Santa and the winter season without being religious. As the holidays are rapidly approaching, I think it's time for an expanded list--with mp3 clips!

Thanksgiving Gratitude

I meant to write a post about gratitude prior to Thanksgiving, but life got in the way. Which may be fitting, because I think gratitude is even more valuable when you're in the midst of chaos. It's one thing to feel thankful while looking at a beautiful sunset or relaxing in contentment and another to remind yourself of all you love when your world is tilting beneath your feet.

Is Your Body a Temple, a Vehicle or a Wonderland?

Who are you? Who are you? It's a question for more than a caterpillar in Wonderland. As humans, we spend a lot of time finding ourselves. We want to know who we really are, both alone and in relation to others. We want to know what it really means to be a "you"--a unique inner self. And how is that "you" contained within your body?

The War on Halloween?

In a recent interview with Elvira, Time magazine called the popularity of Halloween "one perk of America’s inexorable march toward total godlessness." Countless Internet articles warn about the wickedness of the holiday and debate whether Christians should celebrate Halloween at all.

But some Christians, including Kirk Cameron, have a different approach. They want to embrace the holiday and reshape it in a Christian form.

Is Halloween Dangerous for Black Cats?

For the second time today, I saw warnings about dangers for black cats during the month of October. The message is that black cats are hated, or feared, in the United States simply for the color of their fur. There are even claims that people like to use black cats for ritual sacrifice during Halloween. Really?!