About This Site

In America, atheists tend to get a bum rap. They are either seen as angry, immoral cynics or pitiful, misguided souls who have not been fortunate enough to have found god. Neither description is flattering, and, in most cases, neither is accurate.

Atheists come from diverse walks of life and define their non-belief in many different ways. Some vocally oppose religion, but others are more open-minded. Many grew up in religious households and have a deep understanding of their family's religion. In fact, atheists frequently explore various religions and may know quite a bit about major world religions. They simply do not believe in a god or gods themselves.

The purpose of this site is not to undermine anyone's faith or convince religious people to give up their beliefs. Instead, it is designed to gather ideas which may be relevant to like-minded people, encourage thoughtful dialogue and dispel some myths about atheism. This site does not attempt to speak for all atheists. It is simply one site, created by one atheist, living in America.

Please feel free to browse and comment on articles throughout this site. Here are a few of my favorites: