A Lack of Belief in Gods

As a self-described atheist, I'm occasionally put in a position to explain what atheism means to me. This website is partially created to answer that question, yet there are many variations on the question which make it difficult to answer succinctly. Today, I came across a video which beautifully summarizes my own explanations of what it means to be an atheist.

While many nonbelievers may have differing definitions of atheism, I call myself an atheist because I am someone who simply does not believe in a god or gods. This is frequently challenged with a response like, "You can't know that." And I agree. I don't know that gods do not exist, but I do not believe that they do. To me, this is a clear distinction.

The following video -- Lack of belief in gods, by QualiaSoup -- presents several concepts about atheism being a simple lack of belief in gods. It talks about how some atheists believe that gods do not exist and how other atheists feel god is indeterminate. It talks about agnosticism, and it offers reasons why some atheists are fervent about their lack of belief.

In short, the ideas presented in this video closely mirror my own definitions of atheism.

You can watch the video below:

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